Why Sell Your House to a Little Rock AR Investor

If you’re getting ready to sell your home and an investor walks up and offers you cash, you probably think you’ve died and gone to heaven. After all, most home buyers that you meet are individuals or families looking for place to live. They probably consider your home an investment but aren’t actually what you would call investors. 

An investor is a company or a person who wants to purchase your house without the goal of owning it personally. Since they have less of a personal interest in the property and an investment focus, selling the house is often faster and less painful on your part. If you’re wondering why sell your house to a Little Rock AR investor, the reasons why may surprise you. 

Potential for Flexible Purchase Arrangements

Let’s say your home is underwater or you want to get out of the real estate altogether. An investor willing to take the house off your hands is a dream come true. But, maybe you don’t want to move or don’t want to move right away. When it comes to a traditional purchase to another individual, you’d probably have to close within 30 days and be out of the property within that time frame. 

Investors want to own the property but they usually are much more flexible when it comes to time frame and even vacancy. Some investors will take over the mortgage and allow you to live in the house for monthly rent. This is a sale-leaseback transaction. While you’ll have to work out the arrangements with the investor, this is a great reason why sell your house to a Little Rock AR investor. 

Quick Closing Process

Although you can discuss with the investor, many people selling their home want to get through the process quickly. After all, 30 days may not be ideal in your time frame. Since most investors are going to purchase with cash, you can sell your property once you reach an agreement. The average time that it takes to close with an all-cash investor is just two weeks. If you’re selling to a buyer who will have to take a mortgage, this simply won’t be possible. 

Keep in mind that the two weeks is not required but if you want to make a quick sale, then this is the way to go. 

Little Risk of Sale Falling Through

Investors typically pay for properties in cash. When you use a traditional buyer who has a mortgage, you have a great deal of uncertainty. There are many reasons why the sale can go through, even if the buyer has been preapproved for a loan. Until you close on the property, that risk remains. 

Before you sign a purchase agreement with an investor, you can ask for proof of funds. Most investors are going to be able to close on your house paying in all-cash which won’t allow the sale to fall through. 

Why sell your house to a Little Rock AR investor? Why not? If you’re looking for a quick process that’s low-stress and low-risk, this is simply the best option available. 

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